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The station is situated on the North coast of the island. A sand bank in front of the station provides 40-50 meters of beach. A west wind and calm waters provides excellent conditions for the beginner. Advanced learners will benefit when performing tricks. A stronger north wind (Meltemi) produces waves of 1.5m in height which is a challenge for every surfer.

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What makes this type of wind-spot special is the strength of the North wind (Meltemi), the strongest on the island. The two islands to the North of Kos funnel the wind, causing a jet effect.

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Meltemi blows from the end of May till the end of September. Unfortunately it has not been as constant in the last few years which could mean an occasional uneventful week. On good days 4-5Bft is normal before mid-day. Later in the afternoon the wind usually gets up again and can be up to 6-7Bft till sunset.

In general, the wind lasts for a few days but regularly calms down after sunset then comes to life again late next morning. The wind direction is diagonal and north-westerly towards the beach and comes from the right. On windy days the wave height can be up to a fabulous 1-1.5m and even higher towards the evening and further out.

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There is very little current which adds to the safety factor, making it easy to get back to the beach. The most fantastic fact is the guarantee of good weather. Surfing always happens in warm water and definitely in the sun.

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