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Windsurf Camps 2014
As every year we organize for you some windsurf camps with real professionals. Remko de Weerd H23 is coming to us again, ready to train the youngsters. Followed by young slovenian freestyler Andraz Zan SLO49, who wants to give you all his experiances and skills.
Marmari Rookies Vol. 3 by Remko de Weerd: 12.7-17.7.

Windsurf Camp by Andraz Zan:19.7-.26.7.

For more information please contact us via email.


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Job Offer Marmari Windsurfing
We are looking for windsurfing instructor for the coming season (May - October).
If you are interested click here...!


Marmari End of Season Clean-Up
Cleaning results: about 30 enthusiastic participants, 3 km of clean beach, 20 full bags of garbage.
Marmari End of Season Clean-Up Thanks to everyone who came!
Check out photos from the event!


Marmari End of Season Clean-Up
The sea is our playground, we want to keep it clean!
On Sunday 20th October we are going to clean the beaches around Marmari. We will be happy for each helper.
Come and help us to fight against the increase of marine litter polluting the oceans and seas.
If you want to join us, sign up here or send an email.

Marmari End of Season Clean-Up


Marmari Rookies are training hard, Remko de Weerd is pushing them to the limit.

clinic Marmari Rookies
clinic Marmari Rookies


The new equipment is waiting to get tested from you!

new equipment


Buy your favourite pics online here...



Thank you all for your visit during this summer. It was a great season with a lot of wind! We just finished with cleaning up the station and we already ordered the new gear for the coming season. For next year we will have the new NP Atlas in our range, which works perfect in onshore conditions.
We wish you a nice winter time and look forward to see you next year in Marmari again!



"Speed'n Style" The Clinic with Karin Jaggi is on and we have since one week constant winds above 18 knts. "Meltemi" Rock's! Special thanks to Spinout SportTours. Check out new pics.



June gallery is online now!



Goya sails and boards, test the new 2011 gear at Marmari Windsurfing Center!



We created a Google Map, so you can find our Center and the hotel next to it much easier. Check it out here!

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